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See 2017 Maturity Research Results

Once again we provide the reader with the data of a maturity research for the year 2017.

Among the information presented, some are fundamental for organizations that wish to improve their performance: high performance organizations have almost twice as much total success compared to low performance organizations.

And, especially, high performance organizations have a failure rate almost 11 times lower than low performance organizations. So, a strategy that looks at the high performance will allow huge benefits, including deep cut in losses by overflow costs.

Here we have a significant opportunity for those organizations of this research whose indicators pointed to a low performance (56% of the sample).

Learn more in Performance Comparative Analyses. Find out who are the benchmarks by clicking here.


This site is plenty in information and shows the results of research already done considering various stratifications, such as Private Enterprise, Government, Software Development, Construction Industry, etc.

In the section Virtual Library you have at your disposal a selected collection of articles which show the state-of-the-art of the subject "maturity" in Brazil and abroad


Through this website you can assess the maturity in project management of private companies, municipalities, government agencies and third sector.

It can be done at any time of the year, independent of the Maturity Research. To get started, click Sign in to the maturity research in the top right corner. THE RESULT IS PROVIDED IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE CORRECT FILLING IN THE FORM.